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How Slight Chance to Buy Hermes Mini Kelly II 20 Bags?

By Michael on March 27, 2018

It's has been phenomenal to see mini handbag at fashion shows, boutique, or online stores from A-list Designer Couture. And as Hermes's first mini handbag launched, the first generation Hermes mini Kelly has been adorned worldwide, and reap fame rapidly among celebrities for its adorable design.

Too Hot to Get Your Hands on.
Actually, the demands have rocketed up long before the improved Hermes Mini Kelly II, with shoulder strap, has been officially released.  And it's been reported that only a very limited quantity was available at a few Hermes Flagship cities. You may feel lack of imagination to imagine how hot it has become by comparing its price.

The official first quoted price at 2016:
Hermes Kelly 20 Bag in Chevre $7700 USD
Hermes Kelly 20 Bag in Epsom  $7850 USD
Hermes Kelly 20 Bag in Ostrich (2016 price) $10300 USD

The quoted price at 2018 (From Resellers who claim to sell Authentics)
Hermes Kelly 20 Mini Kelly II in Chevre $24,900.00 - $26,750.00
Hermes Kelly 20 Mini Kelly II in Epsom $21,250.00 - $27,775.00

The above price is from online resellers who claim to sell 100% authentic Hermes bags, the price varies not only for the leathers, exotic leathers will cost way more, but also for the colors.  The rarer or newer leathers and colors will cost more thanks to Hermes Limited Production marketing strategy. Which mean you have to pay a lot more for what you like than whatever is available. Or you may have no chance to pay for none whatever.

1:1 Hermes Kelly 20 Copay Bag

Unless You're Extraordinarily Blessed
Nothing can prevent the Hermes Mini Kelly become a coveted handbag just like the Birkins and Kellys, or even more exclusive. Let's skip the Perfectionist Craftsmanship, Limited Production and Consistent Value Increase, cause you will absolutely be seduced into feeling that you extraordinarily blessed to be given the chance to spend at least $20,000 on a single purse.

Buying directly from the Hermes Boutique?
It’s like next to impossible unless you’re a VIP customer in one of Hermes Flagship Cities. There have rumors about Hermes VIP Customer Policies, a good purchase history, you have to spend more $300,000.00 with them, then you might get a chance to pre-order for something, perhaps Birkins and Kellys, you prefer. And you have no idea when your order will be delivered, months at least or years are likely.

I believe you must be reluctant to go to a Hermes Store after you have read the depressed buying story experimented by Daily Mail, sending three ordinary women separately to three Hermes stores in Manchester, United Kingdom, and London, United Kingdom to try and buy one of the most iconic purses, all ended up with empty hands and seems like no hope forever.

Despite the high cost it takes, does it worthy your plenty of time and efforts to get a slight chance of allowing to pay $20,000.00 USD? Well, I doubt that. Unless $20,000.00 worth not nothing but dust to your check. Or you will have to forgive their snooty attitude toward ordinary buyers.

Where to Buy Replica Hermes Kelly 20 Bag 1:1 High Quality?
You might get a convincing fake instead while you paying for an authentic since the market is rife with fake Hermes Bags. And here is the story we often hear, there is a dozen of reselling agents and online sellers, like eBay, etc, who claim to sell 100% authentic designer products, which including receipts, authentic cards, even custom certificates and everything can prove authentic. And then you might by accident read log into a Forum or Blog website, and discover some reviews/experience for their purchase story with the Reseller. But the fact is, the designer bags can be faked, why the receipts, cards, certificates cannot be faked?  Given a high-end fake Hermes Bag cost about $2, 000 USD, which means you have to pay some $18, 000 USD for the fake certificates for the authentic proof.  And can the Seller and the Reviewer be the same guy? We actually heard a lot about sellers pay for well-known reviewers or bloggers to post without verified purchase. The high-end replica Hermes Bags at can even fool the expert at the Hermes Boutique Stores.

But if you are fully confident about the authentic, go ahead before it's sold out, a Hermes Bag indeed, such as the Hermes Mini Kelly II 20 Bag, is absolutely worthy to invest, even better than buying stocks or securities some people claimed. But the most important is that you gotta get one first. Or you could just pay less and enjoy the fun with us.